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Open-source for large educational cloud architectures

The provisioning of groups from school administration systems is standard in our cloud application. As of edu-sharing version 3.1 , templates can be used to help setting up standardized work areas for content sharing per school.

Folder templates for organizations

The aim of folder templates is the automated creation of directory structures with defined authorizations.
If a new school is about to go online in a school cloud, it needs folder structures in the cloud storage. Groups should already have the correct access rights to the respective folders. This can not be done manually by a school cloud operator for each school. Also, standardization helps users to understand each other and get the help they need. Therefore, folder templates include:
  • folder structures,
  • groups,
  • rights and
  • inheritance information.
The system administrators can easily create these templates in XML and store them in a system administration folder.
We recommend the folder template concept to be co-ordinated with schools, educational institutes and other stakeholders so that these content sharing areas are optimally designed to work with.

Our Partners from Logineo work closely with teachers, local authorities, developers and other stakeholders.