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Open Source for OER - News from our Open Educational Ressource projects...

More and more educational organizations and countries are supporting their teachers with OER solutions. We provide tailor-made open-source software. Our two most recent OER projects are "eduSphere Luxembourg" and "OER-Berlin-Brandenburg". Together we've developed new OER functions.

We publish these open-source software on a regular basis on www.edu-sharing.com.

We're pleased to install your OER repository, customize the software for you and develop innovative, new functions.

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eduSphere - OER solution in Luxembourg

eduSpehere (http://www.edusphere.lu/) is the OER project of the Ministry of Education (MENJE) in Luxembourg.
For teachers and learners, the project provides a learning and teaching environment with high-quality learning content and tools.

EduSphere consists of two areas:

  • repository for learning contents
  • personal learning environment

The edu-sharing open-source solution was selected for the repository. Since the school year 2015/16, this has helped instructors and learners to find and publish free learning content of all formats (audio, video, links, PDF, etc.). In addition to these user-generated content, the ministry cooperates with numerous partners to provide educational content.

We are delighted to support the learners and learners of luxembourg with our open-source technologies. We publish news of the project on the @edusharing Twitter channel under the Hashtag #OER.

OER Repositorium Berlin

In Berlin their is a solution for a public OER search and an internal workspace for teachers and editorial staff. Together we're developing improved editorial functions and much more.

The new edu-sharing collections invites teachers to browse for learning contents according to the curriculum of Berlin-Brandenburg.

Next to technical improvements, new content is constantly being aquired in this project. We connect existing OER sources, map metadata and integrate the OER search into the Berlin learning management system (Moodle).


About our OER solutions

Our OER solutions are based on the open-source system edu-sharing. Some main functions:

  • OER portal or OER search engine:
    Users of their own organization or the public can find OER content.
  • Authors' area
    A cloud store with associated authoring tools invites to create, share, collaborate.
  • license manager
    Here you put ready-to-publish OER under a free license (i.e. Creative Commons). This either publish the content into the OER search engine or adds it to the editor's ToDo list.
  • Editors Functions & Procedures
    Here editorial teams can be integrated to ensure the quality of content and metadata before publishing.
  • Integration with learning platforms, i.e. software applications
    We supply OER plugins for Moodle, Olat / Opal, Ilias, Mediawiki and your desired e-learning system.
    This allows the OER to be used quickly and easily in the familiar learning environment.


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